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The PCB Assembly Equipments offered by us are highly efficient and reliable to use which is available in different specification as per clients requirement. It is configured with advanced M lead screw and hand width-adjusting system which helps to move smoothly conveyor tracks. Moreover, these PCB Assembly equipments are equipped with imported circular special belt and patent tracks which can solve thin card guide PCB problem and improve fluency of connection. Thus, these equipments are widely used in defense, broadcasting, medical, industrial control, telecommunication systems, traffic intelligence systems, auto industry, agriculture and so on.

Salient Features:

  •     User-friendly
  •     Corrosion resistance
  •     Less maintain
  •     Cost-effective
Product Image (7A)

PCB Storage Rack

1. Dimension L x W x H: 480 x 305 x 600 mm 2. Weight: 20Kg 3.Max PCB Size: 450 mm x 350 mm

Product Image (01)

DIP 905 Automatic Dip Soldering Machine

  • Size:14" x 14" - 35 kg Solder Capacity 14" x 18" - 45 kg Solder Capacity
  • Color:Blue
  • Product Type:Automatic Dip Soldering Machine
  • Detection Method:Auto
  • Delivery Time:7-10 Days
Product Image (02)

Solder Pot

  • Color:Blue
  • Product Type:Solder Pot
  • Delivery Time:7-10 Days

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