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Component Storages
The components we offer are the anti-static unit as well as essential equipment. They are perfect for providing protection against hazardous materials.
PCB Storage
We offer an extensive range of PCB storage racks in durable and sturdy designs. They come with unmatched strength and high load-bearing capacity to ensure complete protection for the PCBs.
If you are looking for PCB Assembly Equipments, you have landed up at right page. Our company, Sharang Corporation, can make you available wire stripping cum twisting machine, dip soldering machine, wave soldering machine and more at market leading price.
Sole Cleaning Machine
Get in touch with us to purchase any single cleaning machines in the offering, be it for small manufacturing setups or big companies. These easy-to-use devices play an important role in the stage of experimentation and research.
Dry Cabinet - Humidity Chamber
We offer high-grade and durable dry cabinet humidity chambers for the storage of ICs, BGAs, and other precision electronic components. They are available with durable cabinets and shelves that are made of 304 mirror stainless steel. Their door is designed with high-strength tempered glass.
Conductive Crates
Our high-grade conductive crates are made from high-quality raw material to prevent electric charges and handle highly sensitive electronic components. We can provide them in varied sizes and dimensions to meet the varied demands of our clients with perfection.
A wire twist machine, an automatic wire cutting and stripping machine, and an automatic sleeve cutting machine are a few models of wiring harness machines that can be procured from Sharang Corporation. Wiring harness processing is an essential process in many industries.
Contact us to buy ultrasonic cleaners for your laboratory, jewellery shop or industry. These cleaners are adopted in many platforms, given to the quick and effective cleaning. These are free-standing and easy to use cleaners.
We offer advanced hot air ovens for strong dispersion and the maintenance of high- temperatures inside the chamber. They are widely used in different laboratories, industries, R&D labs, etc. These fully equipped, all-purpose products are ideal for drying, baking, annealing, evaporating, conditioning, sterilizing, and dehydrating.
Short cycle times, a two-tank system with two separate circuits, and comfortable push-button operation make these stencil cleaners ideal for use in different applications. They are provided with fully automatic 3-step processes, from cleaning and rinsing to warm air drying.
Tin solder wire, lead-free solder, lead-free soldering wire, etc. are solder consumables. They are mainly used for repairing home appliances, mobile phone chips, computers, etc.

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